Two Neshoba Co. women allegedly caught stealing- VIDEO


A Neshoba County jail administrator, on his way to work, said he saw two women allegedly burglarizing a home.

“He notices at an estate along the path from Bethsaida to Philadelphia, there was a car parked in the yard that was not familiar to him. He turns around and goes back to that piece of property and notices there are two women actually taking items from the home,” said Sheriff Eric Clark.

Megan Warren and Kelli Davis were arrested and charged with petit larceny. Sheriff Clark credited the jail administrator’s quick thinking to catching the women.

“Officer Dearing, he was really sharp on paying attention on his way in. A lot of people get caught up in the commute, but he was aware of his surroundings and something didn’t look right so he stopped and addressed it,” said Sheriff Clark.

After several recent break-ins and burglaries in Neshoba County, Sheriff Clark said he is cracking down on crime and will not tolerate any form of it.

“We’re going to continue to investigate any leads on past burglaries we have in Neshoba County. I’ve got some officers that are really dedicated right now and are working some long hours and they’re doing everything we can to put people on jail who are trying to steal our stuff while we’re off working,” said Sheriff Clark.

Clark said the home is actually an abandoned estate, located on highway 19 South, where people have been caught stealing before.