Brian B.Mo Montgomery Has Entered The Building


Ask the new morning show host at Kicks 96 “how are ya?” And it’ll tell you almost everything you need to know about Brian “B-MO” Montgomery. His response is always the same and usually follows that half smile smirk of his, a chuckle and in that deep distinctive voice you’ll hear “well that depends who you ask!” Brian, also known as B-MO, thanks to his beloved hero Charlie Daniels, who called him that during an interview, when the sheet of paper the legendary singer, song writer and patriot which had B. Montgomery got wet and the only letters that hadn’t smeared were B.Mo remained. He got through the interview and said that he knew there were more letters when we started this, “so forgive me but what is your name?” I told him it’s Brian “B-MO” Montgomery now sir” and it’s stuck ever since. “Charlie was a part of the soundtrack of my life and an incredible patriot and he left his mark on my life in more ways than one and to carry that nickname is like a badge of honor I’ll carry as long as I live.”
I’ve been blessed to have been a part of an industry I love for 20 years and got my break in it thanks to a former program director Justin Flores, who became a pastor after leaving the industry and whose influence is still felt to this very day. The lessons he taught me regarding serving the community, being a positive presence within it and staying grounded is what I think has kept me in it for as long as it has. “I see myself as a conductor powered by music with the ability to take someone listening to anywhere in their life they want to go. Music has a way of connecting people to places in time, people they shared it with, and to have the ability to do that means alot to me.” “There are music services, Sirius and other venues for people to hear what they want, but local radio is the only vehicle that adds that personal touch to it and it’s why I do what I do.”  I’ve been asked why I would leave California and Las Vegas to come be a part of “Four Corners” as I call it, regarding the Philadelphia, Louisville, Carthage and Kosciusko area and it’s a simple answer that I never hesitate to answer. “Because California and Las Vegas doesn’t have the people, the traditions or the heritage that this area does and people are what truly make all the difference.”

I came to meet Johnny Boswell through a mutual friend named Howard Kroeger and shared both his and Melissa Boswell-Townsend’s programming philosophies. I had that same core values of their dedication to serving the communities and I had to be a part of it! Add to it, my “brother from another mother” and former tag team partner Lolly Dude’s current health status and the demands of his new career in broadcasting took out of him, the choice was easy to make.

My family history on my mother’s family side is strong in Mississippi, especially in the Macon area where my great grandfather worked for the Macon Beacon and was very involved in the Masons organization. So I don’t see this as leaving behind anything but rather coming home to be a part of a class act broadcasting company like Boswell Media and serving some of the greatest small towns anywhere in the world. I am Mississippi, I am a public servant, I am here to make a difference not only in words, but through my actions. And finally, I am home and that’s “how I am”! Catch me weekday mornings from 6am to 9am playing the greatest music in world on Mississippi’s Superstar Country…KICKS 96!