Photo gallery: Class Favorites Announced at ECCC


East Central Community College in Decatur recently announced class favorites for 2021-22 who were selected by vote of the student body.

Freshman class favorites and their respective high schools were Jocey Bell, Scott Central;Zully Reyes Garcia, Morton; Annsley McMahan, homeschooler from Union; Dylan Harrison, Union; Ethan Warren, Leake Academy; and Ethan Wright, Neshoba Central

Those selected by the sophomore class and their respective high schools were Gianna Esposito, Union; Abigail Lampard, Choctaw County; Mabry Mayfield, Leake Academy; Kristen Wilcher, Leake Central; Keshawn Davis, Morton; Ian Kennedy, Morton; Reese Tillman, Forest; and J.T. Vance, Union.

Not pictured: Reese Tillman