A 10 Year Old Gets The Royal Treatment From Former Miss Dixie National & High School Rodeo Queen


B-MO in the MO’rning – Yesterday 10-year-old Adalyn jokingly wanted to trade her little brother for just a chance to get some rodeo tickets for the SPRA and ride my horse, what she got was something no one expected. Current Boswell Media Senior Sales Executive Lisa Powell Moore and former Miss Dixie National and Miss High School Mississippi Rodeo Queen heard Adalyn’s call and chucked. I explained to Lisa how Adalyn’s mother Brooke Steele, who is a English teacher and Current Softball Head Coach for Choctaw County High School mentioned her daughter’s passion for riding and her interest in pageants and is so excited about attending the SPRA event. Lisa asked, “well what if we could make this a real night to remember?”

Lisa, who is recovering from surgery was planning to attend both nights with me as part of the Grand Entry celebration, however after meeting with her doctor who advised her to rest…. she has decided to pass her crown (for this weekend) to the eager larger than life personality filled 10-year-old. Adalyn is spunky, got a personality, naturally pretty and no stranger to responsibility as any of the members of her mother’s softball team will tell you.

“She walks across the field every day from school, puts her backpack down and goes to work” who mother mentioned. “She helps warm the girls up and is a tremendous help to me, they players call her Little Coach” and I have a feeling there could be big things ahead for this little girl. For Lisa, she is simply paying it forward as her kind heart always has because of the winning combination of coaching, direction and values that were instilled in her from her grandmother Dot Cox and her mother, Linda Cox Powell who guided her through her title reigns and life itself. When it came to carrying the title, Lisa had her aunt Dorothy Terry to show her the ropes of what being a real rodeo queen should be, as Dorothy herself was a former rodeo queen.

Lisa will be the first to tell you, regardless of the talent or passion someone has, nothing can be accomplished without the support of a loving cast like she had in her mother and grandparents. It took hours of conditioning, maintaining a grade point average, as well as the humility and respect for the crown.

The SPRA Rodeo Finals begin tonight and run through tomorrow as 15 cowboys and cowgirls compete for buckles, cash and their place in history. We look forward to seeing everyone out there over the next two nights and I would like to thank Lisa for her gesture and I know that Adalyn will make her proud. Get your tickets without the wait at the Coliseum Box Office or by stopping by The Depot in Philadelphia!

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Brooke Steele’s reaction to Lisa’s gesture 


Brooke as to whether or not she was prepared for the excitement


Adalyn on if she’s nervous and something special she’d like to say to Ms Lisa