KHS Softball’s Fab 5 Share A Senior Spotlight


B-MO in the MO’rning – For the “Fab 5” it was a night of laughter, fun, and reflection. For the parents, another milestone in the lives of their little girls. A reminder that they’re growing up, for some it means they’ll leave their cleats on home plate at the end of their final game, and for others it means they’re one step closer to taking their game to the college level.

For me it was a time for questions, observations and laughter as Campbell, Gracie, Alexandra, Brittlyn and Kaitlyn took a few moments before their senior night to answer some questions.

The audio is hard to hear with all the commotion that game day holds for everyone who’s in attendance, but I asked Gracie Williams “Which players will she miss the most?” She responded, “Anna Grace and Mary Kimble.” Campbell Blaine was her choice asked, “Who from this team will be able to take their game to the next level?”

For Campbell, “What excites her most about having the chance to take that next step is “trying to start in the same position she had at KHS.” As most seniors do, they traditionally will leave something behind for the next girls up. For Campbell, its “that her sister knows that regardless of what happens during a game, that she remembers that she’s a great player.


Below is the audio with all five seniors (again apologies for the noise with Gracie and Campbell’s audio. Game day is a busy day)


Campbell and Gracie:


Alexandra West:


Brittlyn Gillum:


Kaitlyn Broyles