The City Improvement That Might Go Right Under Your Nose

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Kosciusko may be looking at using federal money to improve the situation at the city's sewage lagoon. But, there may be other improvements that you never know about because you never think about wastewater until something breaks down. "We have a lot of plans that we're working on with our American Rescue money," said Mayor Tim Kyle on "Minute With the Mayor" on Breezy101. "We're looking at raising the levees down at the lagoon that we have the problem... Read More.

Kidnapped Woman Found Safe, Captor Captured

WEST, Miss.--The woman who was kidnapped Wednesday in Holmes County has been found safe and her captor is under arrest. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said Charles Lidelle Moore is in custody. Shanetta Andrews was found last night in Carroll County. Police had been looking for both of them since they believe Moore held Andrews and her daughter. The daughter got away and Moore did, too, temporarily.

Coronavirus Advice for the Holidays

FOREST, Miss.--Of the five coronavirus deaths reported in Mississippi over the past day, one was in central Mississippi, in Scott County. Cases have been down significantly in the past month. But, state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs is still warning people to take the virus seriously and get the vaccine. "If you're driving out of state or people are coming into town, know where to get a test. Know where to get monocolonal antibody treatment. You want to have that information... Read More.

Gas Poured on a Holmes County House

PICKENS, Miss.--Imagine finding out that your neighbor has poured gasoline all the way down your driveway, up on your porch and is threatening to light a match. That's why Delorine Edwards, of Pickens, called police last Thursday. She told WLBT-TV she found out what had happened from her neighbor. "Gas was from the end of the road, up my sidewalk, up the steps, my front porch, even my fall wreath had gas on it," she said. Pickens Police Chief Joe Davis told... Read More.

Why Some Cops Will Take Their Patrol Cars Home

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--Some police officers in Kosciusko will be allowed to take their patrol cars home. The decision was made Tuesday by the Mayor and Board of Alderman. "You really don't have anybody whose over this vehicle who takes care of the maintenance,' said Mayor Tim Kyle. "You assign these vehicles, people take more pride in them, more care." Right now the police cars are shared between officers and between shifts, meaning some of the cars can be driven for 72 hours... Read More.

Kosciusko Bans Big Trucks on Small Streets

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--If you drive a big truck, Kosciusko's mayor says heed the warning. In one month the new ordinance goes into effect. "Any truck over three axles or over 26,001 lbs., will not be allowed on any city street unless they have business there such as delivery," said Kyle on Breezy101's "Minute With the Mayor". A violation comes with a fine. That doesn't count for garbage trucks or school buses or any vehicles with business on city streets. The ordinance had been... Read More.

Ex-Boyfriend Wanted For Holmes County Kidnapping

WEST, Miss.--A kidnapping in Holmes County in the West area, in a community called Green Acres, has police on the lookout for a man and his white SUV. Sheriff Willie March said Charles Moore used a gun to try and kidnap his ex-girlfriend and her daughter. The daughter got away. The girlfriend didn't. March said Moore is an ex-con and served time for aggravated assault. They may be in an older white GMC Jimmy. Police were chasing that SUV just after... Read More.

Louisville Woman Accused of Ramming Her Boyfriend and Her Apartment Building

LOUISVILLE, Miss.--It's still not clear why she may have done it, but Apryl Miller of Louisville is charged with ramming both her boyfriend Jakevious Whitfield, and the apartment building where she lives, with her car. WCBI reports Miller was booked into jail in Winston county on several charges, including domestic aggravated assault. Police said the arrest was Monday at the Twin Pine apartments. They found Miller's car with damage and saw the damage to the apartment building, as well, during their... Read More.