Vehicle Turnover On McBeath Road

7:52 am - Officials responded to a disturbance on Highway 35 North up from Wagner Road. 9:54 am - Officials responded to McBeath Road about a vehicle turned over in a ditch. 3:13 pm - Officials responded to Beamon Road... Read More.

Tree Down On Highway 429

8:33 pm - Officials were notified by a caller that a tree was down on Highway 429 and it was blocking the the roadway of traffic. Reports of power lines were down as well. 9:14 pm - Officials got a call... Read More.

Drive By Shooting in Walnut Grove

2:13 am - Officials responded to a drive by shooting in Walnut Grove.  9:44 am - A trooper was called about a car versus deer on Highway 35 North. No injuries were reported. 10:52 am - Officials were called about... Read More.

Vehicle Versus Deer on Highway 35 S

9:53 am - Law Enforcement was called to  Spruce Street in Walnut Grove for a disturbance. 8:17 pm - Officials responded to Highway 35 South near True Light Road for a vehicle versus deer wreck. No injuries were reported. 8:27... Read More.

Break In on Mount Charity Road

12:33 am - Officials responded to an unoccupied vehicle that was sitting in the middle of the road on Highway 25. Caller advised that it’s right before you get to Cold Bluff. 3:31 am - Officials were called to Mount Charity... Read More.

Saturday- Two Vehicles Collide On A Roadway

6:44 am- Caller called in that police come out to 25 N just N of K.C. Road for a collision between two vehicles. One vehicle was partially still in the road but the other vehicle was out of the roadway. No injuries were reported... Read More.