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Well after surviving yesterday’s snow storm, BMO in the MO’rning gets back to normal with our “Texts & Tones” topic of the day which is “What is something you purchased without telling your significant other at the time?” That on the heels of BMO’s $300 Graceland Sift Shop Shopping Spree incident, Chris Davis and “Brother Breck” stop by, plus we got all this:

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After President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter, the social network’s stock dropped 6.4% yesterday, dropping $5 billion in market value.

Other tech stocks also saw significant drops yesterday. Facebook, which has suspended Trump, was down 4%. Apple, Amazon, and Google’s parent company Alphabet, which have moved against social media site Parler due to its connections to the Capitol riot, were down more than 2%.

On Twitter, Trump had over 88 million followers, making him one of the top 6 users. Rush Limbaugh, who decided to shut down his Twitter page, also had 88 million followers.



Which leads us to our poll question today….make sure you vote, we’ll give you the results later today

In today's world of "social distancing" how social are you and which social media site do you use the most. Be sure to cast your vote and check back to see our results
How "Social" Are You?