“Jethro” of Comedy Duo “Homer and Jethro Passed Away On This Day in 1989


See the source imageBMO’s NEWS’eum – On this day in 1989, Kenneth C. “Jethro” Burns American country musician, comedian, and mandolin player died aged 68. He was better known by his stage name Jethro from his years with Henry D. Haynes as part of the comedic musical duo Homer and Jethro beginning in 1936. “Homer & Jethro” records were a huge part of growing up for BMO. He remembers listening for hours and the giggling and laughter he would share with his mother. “They were to me what Abbott & Costello was to motion pictures” said BMO when discussing the posting. “Some of the best time I have ever wasted” #HomerandJethro #RIPJethro #BMOintheMOrning #Kicks967