Kenzie Sanders and Molly Thomas are Distinguished Young Women in Choctaw County (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – This coming Saturday, the Distinguished Young Women of Leake County will be announced, much like this previous Saturday’s Distinguished Young Women of Choctaw County were and if the excitement and appreciation are as obvious and appreciated as it was Choctaw County High School juniors Kenzie Sanders and First Alternate Molly Thomas, the evening should be a memorable one. Kenzie, along with Molly Thomas and Maylee Hollis are no strangers when it comes to competition as they are all a part of Choctaw County’s Lady Chargers softball team. and are used to giving to giving it all they have.

Distinguished Young Women was created to positively impact the lives of young women by providing a transformative experience that promotes and rewards scholarship, leadership, and talent.

Saturday night their drive and talents took center stage as a part of the Distinguished Young Women of Choctaw County with the following results:

Choctaw County DYW Program
Be Your Best Self Essay-Maylee Hollis
Self-Expression Award-Molly Kate Thomas
Fitness Award-Makenzie Sanders
Spirit Award-Molly Kate Thomas
Talent Award-Molly Kate Thomas
Scholastic Award-Lexus Sanders
2nd Alternate-Lexus Sanders
1st Alternate-Molly Kate Thomas
DYW of Choctaw County-Makenzie Sanders

I had the chance to speak with both Molly Thomas and Kenzie Sanders about their wins, as well as their fathers.

Click below to hear from each of them!


Molly Thomas discusses her awards and how blessed she was to be a part of it with her friends


Lance Thomas discusses his daughter’s personality and gentle soul


Lance Thomas on where Molly gets her personality from 


The Distinguished Young Woman of Choctaw County Kenzie Sanders discusses her evening and what she was awarded


Kenzie Sanders discusses where she goes from here as she pursues representing the state


Kenzie Sanders responds to who will have the better prom photo, “Her or her parents!”


Mitch Sanders discusses what it meant to watch his daughter be named “DYW for Choctaw County


Mitch Sanders on what’s next for Kenzie


Mitch Sanders on the better prom photo comment