Kids Lost in the Woods Near Lena (AUDIO)


LENA, Miss.–Three kids were lost in the woods Saturday night near Lena. Leake County deputies responded to help guide them out.

The 911 call came in from a 13-year-old at 8:05 p.m., who told the dispatcher that he and his two sisters, ages 9 and 11, were lost in the woods and couldn’t find their way out. Dispatchers pinged the location of their phone and determined they were between Sweetwater Circle and Morgan Rd.

Police Radio Audio

When deputies arrived they asked dispatchers to determine how much battery was left on their phone. It was 40 percent. So, the dispatchers stayed on the phone with the 13-year-old while deputies searched.

Dispatchers told the kids to holler, upon instructions from the search party.

Using flashlights and hollering, deputies found the kids by 8:25 p.m.