Louisville’s Ross is “Boss”!


B-MO in the MO’rning – So what do you do when you get a video of a little boy who loves your radio station and spends his day practicing “breaks” (that’s industry talk for when the music stops and the jock begins talking before going in to commercials.) and even asks his mom during Sunday sermons how to spell “Mississippi Superstar Country”? You invite him down to his favorite radio station and give him a tour and if he is anything like Louisville’s Griffin Ross, you turn a mic on and watch the magic happen.

“I was him at his age times 10, with regards to personality, energy and dance. Growing up in Tampa, Florida my end all be all at his age was Q-105’s Mason Dixon (A name he would give to his 15 year old son Mason) and after having the chance to meet him and talk to him, I had to put him on” said Kicks 96 Morning Show host Brian “B-MO” Montgomery. “He was and is a natural, when I’m ready to hang them up, I know who I’m handing my headphones too. Considering who his mom is, I am not surprised he’s as comfortable as he is with the lime light”, B-MO said nodding his head toward Griffin’s mother who is the 2021 Chance, Gay & Ceiglo People’s Choice Award winner Jodie Ross.

Jodie had told B-MO about Griff’s fascination with the station and how he “commentates” everything and was very quick witted and could say almost anything and that was all B-MO needed to hear. All of B-MO’s children grew up around the business, are quick witted and are no strangers to a studio, so he knew he had to have Griffin on.

“Griffin isn’t just good, he’s great and his contract requirements were hysterical. He has an incredible awareness about himself but what surprised me was how quick witted he is too! You can teach formatics, learn music history and attend a broadcasting school, but you can’t teach a wit that quick and the timing needed to know when to use it, said B-MO of his new “bestest” buddy. The audio from Griffin’s appearance this morning is listed below.

B-MO in the MO’rning – Griff introduces himself and explains who the most famous member of the Ross family truly is and why he doesn’t need to be carded! 


B-MO in the MO’rning – Griffin explains his career path and the small things he’ll require on it, plus breaks yet another amazing talent he has….whistling!


B-MO in the MO’rning – Griffin discusses moving office furniture, his favorite songs and why he calls his mom Jodie Ross on the radio, instead of mom (It’s more professional he says LOL) 


B-MO in the MO’rning – Griffin’s mom Jodie Ross discusses her son and other touring schedule.


B-MO in the MO’rning Daily Promo (A recap of little mans’ visit and bonus audio about Griff’s salary requirements and more!