Three-Vehicle Wreck Outside of Carthage While Deputies Help With Chase


CARTHAGE, Miss.–A three-vehicle wreck kept police busy just north of Carthage Saturday afternoon. Carthage Police helped out with traffic because several deputies were helping the Highway Patrol with a car chase in the south part of the county.

The wreck happened at 5 p.m. on Hwy. 35, just north of the city limits and involved a pickup and two cars.

Meanwhile at least three Leake County deputies were waiting on an SUV that was being chased in Scott county that was expected to come out possibly on a county road near Lena.

The Highway Patrol lost the SUV after it turned onto a county road from Hwy. 13. The deputies looked at maps and strategized on where the SUV ,might come out. It was unclear from police radio traffic if they ever caught the SUV.

A Carthage Police officer helped with traffic at the site of the wreck while waiting on deputies to be freed up from the chase situation.

There was at least one injury in the wreck.