Gas Price Spike is Over in MS


Mississippi’s gas prices have peaked after reaching their highest level since last October.  AAA says the average price statewide has been dropping slowly since hitting $3.33 last Friday.  The auto club says it’s down to $3.32 this morning which is still 36 cents more than a month ago.  Locally, gas is selling for less than the statewide average. says it’s as low as $3.18 in Philadelphia, $3.24 in Kosciusko and $3.26 in Carthage.  AAA says the average price countywide in Montgomery County is the lowest in Mississippi at $3.17.  The auto club says we still have the cheapest gas in the country, with drivers in Louisiana paying an average of ten cents more than Mississippi and 12 cents more in Alabama.  The average price in Tennessee is 14 cents higher and drivers in Arkansas are paying an average of 17 cents more for their gas.