Amy Brooks: No Arms, No Legs, No Problems! (Audio)

B-MO in the MO’rning – The idea of “HERsDay” was created based upon an idea I had to shine a spotlight on some incredible women, who inspire me. In country music and music as a whole, female artist make up less than 10% of playlists we here on the air, and it’s sad because their stories are so incredible, and their talent is equally as good. In our communities, the same thing can be said about the recognition (or lack thereof) of some amazing leaders, and women as well. When I was told about the story of Amy Brooks, her story had to be shared. It’s a remarkable story of a child who was born without arms and legs and was taken to a hospital and abandoned and refused to give up.

It’s a story of some incredible foster parents who later adopted her, raised her in a home of tremendous faith and encouragement. Her story is about “abilities” rather than the “disabilities” she overcomes on a daily basis and it’s about a “honeybee” finding his “queen bee” and the hive she found in the magnolia state after leaving the only home she’d known in Pittsburgh behind her.

Spend 10 minutes with Amy Brooks and you’ll quickly be asking yourself “is there anything this woman can’t do” and not because of her physical appearance, but rather because when you hear and see what she can do it’ll make you wonder if there is. Born with no arms and no legs, it’d be easy for some to simply accept the hand they were dealt and move on. Not Amy and not with the “Hive” the “Queen B” she has in place. She’s a busy bee and her faith, family and friends will tell you, there isn’t anything that she can’t do. She joined me on the show this morning and the interview can be heard below.


To learn more about her many “abilities” from the books she’s written, her artwork or to her speaking engagements, visit her website here. Follow her on YouTube here.


Amy’s Beginnings


Moving to Mississippi


Discovering her “Abilities”


Waddleworks and Purses


Writing her two books “Unseen Arms” and “Unseen Arms: Reaching Out”