B-MO’S #1 Headlines “HERsDAY” as Meridian’s Emily White Co-Hosts! (AUDIO)


B-MO in the MO’rning – Almost a year to the day, one of B-MO’s favorite people returned to co-host his on his “HERsDAY” show. “The whole basis for that title of HERsDAY began with Emily. When you compare the percentage of total spins between male and female country artist it’s nowhere close to being balanced. There is nearly 10-to-1 Disparity between Men and Women at Country Radio, therefore when I have the chance to interview female artist, I will play nothing but female artist throughout the entire morning show”.

2021 has been an incredible year for Emily as she placed in the top three finalist again for Boswell Media’s Mississippi Songwriter of the Year, was invited to to host a program for young inspired songwriters who were nominated by local school music programs at the Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience in June and was asked to tour with the 2020 Mississippi Songwriter of the Year winner Danika Hart and her group Chapel Hart.

To call B-MO proud, just may be an understatement, “To see her development and confidence grow is an amazing thing, she has always had a powerful voice and presence to her, but the tools she’s added to her already musical arsenal will continue to blow audiences away for years to come. She’s been and will always be #1 in my book, obviously!”


Emily’s cover “I’ll Be Watching You” by The Police, the story behind “HersDay” and driving bands “Crazy” 


Emily shares what being on the road with Chapel Hart and ZZ Top was like, the distance a father will drive to look out for his “little girl” and answers the question, “just how much corn can there be between Mississippi and South Dakota?


Emily reflects on her experience at The MAX in Meridian and the process of recording her last EP “Child of Mississippi”


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For more information on Emily, visit her website – https://emilywhitemusic.com/