Brantlie Scott’s Lady Rebel Softball Team is “Second” To None! (Audio)


(Brian Montgomery) Big names have stepped up to bat over the years at Leake Academy. Names like Harkins, Warren and Maxey come to mind and I’m sure there’s others, but my history goes back much like Rebel softball coach Brantlie Scott’s to 3 years ago when she joined the team as an assistant. Now in her second year as head coach, she like the names before her are looking to write some history of her own.

Although they were runners up in yesterday’s MAIS 5A North Half Runner Up, this squad is second to no one. Softball is quickly becoming more popular now than it’s ever been and to those of us who love it like we do, we know under the direction of Coach Scott, Leake Academy will be known for more than just what happens on the hardwood.

The role of coach carries more than just that of someone developing talent. It means developing character, preparation for the next level, it means being a counselor, a “mother figure”, a friend and so much more.

I had the chance to have Coach Scott on with me this morning and we discussed filling the holes of names like Harkins, Warren and Maxey to name a few. The preparation for what lies ahead as the Rebels begin the next round of tournament play and the pride she and the players take in the program and their passion to see it become something more.


Congratulations girls, the softball “Rebel”ution is just getting started.


Coach Brantlie Scott on the leadership of the seniors and filling the shoes of the big names who left their mark.


Coach Brantlie Scott on the “the vibe” after yesterday’s loss heading into the State Tourney.