Breaking – Citywide Water Outage Confirmed in Carthage


We can now confirm a citywide water outage in Carthage. Water outages were reported early this morning around 5am on the westside and eastside of town.

6:20 am update- City Hall has responded saying that the outage is citywide and that crews are working on the water outages. They think there broken main lines. The outage is citywide

6:30- Official Announcement from Mayor Vivians. -“A main water line is broken in the city. Some of you may be experiencing no water and others may be experiencing low water power outages. The City Public Works Department is on the scene working on the problem. Please be patient. You will be update as soon as problem is resolved. Thank you.”

6:45 am City Hall has reported to us that the water have full  pressure within 3 hours.
6:50 am Water is expected to be on within 30 minutes.
7:00 am – City Hall is reporting that Dale Edgar confirmed that the water sources went on reserve during short power outage yesterday. Water should be up and running soon.
7:45 am – Water slowly starting to come back on. You are advised to run lines.
8:00 am – City Water Systems Operator Dale Edgar confirmed that all systems should be operating at full capacity within the next few hours.