Carthage Alcohol Ordinance Passes with Tie-Breaking Vote from Mayor


An ordinance to establish the days and hours of alcohol sales for on-premises and off-premises sales was passed in the City of Carthage board meeting on Monday, March 6, 2023.  You can view the entire ordinance by clicking here.

The ordinance states that on-premises hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday 12 noon – 10 pm
  • Friday -Saturday 12 noon – 11 pm

Off-premises hours will be Monday – Saturday 10 am – 10 pm

The votes for this alcohol ordinance were as follows:

  • Alderman Ward 1 – Britt Barnes NO
  • Alderman Ward 2 – Marcus Williams NO
  • Alderman Ward 3 – Robin Burgess YES
  • Alderman Ward 4 – Josh Stokes YES
  • Mayor – Laurie Henderson YES (tie-breaker)

On October 3, 2022, the Board of Alderman voted unanimously to allow the sale of alcohol to be placed on, the Nov 8,  2022, ballot.  This referendum passed 67.41% Yes to 32.59% No.

In Monday’s meeting, Mayor Laurie Henderson stated “It is the board’s job to create an alcohol ordinance where we establish hours and days of operation for on-premises establishments (restaurants, hotels, caterers, etc.) and off-premises establishments (package stores) and to determine the zones where each could be located.”

The process began in January to draft the ordinance. Mayor Henderson says she spoke with each alderman and legal council.  A draft of the ordinance was given to each board member for their review during the February board meeting.  There was further discussion between Mayor Henderson and the Board of Alderman since February’s board meeting regarding the ordinance and there were some additions and deletions to the first draft.