Carthage Shooting on Tuesday– More on that from Chief Coby Clay


On January 4th, we reported on a shooting in Carthage on Old Canton Road. Today we spoke with Carthage Police Chief Coby Clay about the incident.

Chief Clay says that the victims’ vehicle contained 3 individuals, 1 of which was a juvenile. According to the driver and the adult passenger of the vehicle, they were leaving Lincoln Estates heading eastbound on Old Canton Road when the shooting occurred.

The vehicle containing the assailant followed them immediately from Lincoln Estates. When they entered the area of Old Canton Road near Allenwood Drive, the aggressor pulled alongside the victims’ vehicle and proceeded to open fire. The victim driver returned fire, discharging around 6 or 7 rounds.

Injuries to the driver were minor. The adult passenger as well as the juvenile in the vehicle did not sustain any injuries. There was, however, heavy damage done to the vehicle. Emergency Medical Services was called to the scene to check on all 3 occupants of the vehicle. The driver was transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Leake and received treatment there.

CPD does not currently have a suspect in custody, but they do have information regarding the assailant and their vehicle. Chief Clay stated that this is an ongoing investigation so there is some information that is not available, but he does want the public to know that they are on guard and are working to obtain this suspect.