Coronavirus Kills More People in Central Miss.; An Option For the Exposed


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Coronavirus has killed more people in central Mississippi. But, doctors with the Miss. State Medical Assoc., believe that a treatment that has helped many people who have gotten the virus could help you if you’re pregnant, even if you’ve just been exposed.

“If you’ve been exposed you can get the monocolonal antibody treatment, as well to protect you from developing the disease,” said Dr. Rachel Morris, an OBGYN, at the University of Mississippi Medical center, in a medical association meeting this week.

Morris has been stressing the detrimental effects that the Delta variant has on pregnant women and their babies.

“Thirty total ICU admissions over the course of the pandemic, eleven have been within the last three weeks. Four of those mothers have died,” she said. “I have two on ventilators right now and I’m not sure they’re gonna survive. ”

She says only one of those moms has not delivered and all of the babies have bee premature.

The state department of health has reported eight deaths in pregnant women. Doctors have said that the treatments that were working early in the pandemic, such as laying the woman on her abdomen to help breathing, have not been working as well, in some cases, and that the Delta variant has caused quick deterioration.

They encourage vaccination.

Eighty-five deaths were reported across the state over the past day and that includes one person in Attala County, two in Leake, two in Neshoba, one person in Winston County and two in Newton County.