COVID Cases Slow Down, So Do Hospital Numbers


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Of the 71 deaths reported over the weekend from coronavirus in the state, three were in central Mississippi: One in Holmes County, one person in Scott County and one person in Winston County.

For the weekend, 3,763 cases were reported in the state. The numbers are going down and so is the number of people in the hospital. But, the ICUs are still full, say doctors with the Mississippi Medical Association.

Pregnant women are still some of the most vulnerable because the disease has changed with the Delta variant, said one of those doctors.

Dr. Rachel Morris, an OBGYN at the University of Mississippi Medical Center said COVID in pregnant women was manifesting mainly in the third trimester. She said the course of treatment involved laying women on their abdomen to help them breathe. That is now less effective.

“Deterioration is much more rapid,” she said. She met with doctors for a meeting of the Mississippi Medical Association, Monday. “Unfortunately as opposed to it being in the third trimester, we’re seeing a predominance of second trimester infections.”

She said that leads to more complications and has led to several deaths.

Morris and state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs encouraged pregnant women to get vaccinated.