Deaths Still Affecting Central Miss., Even Though Coronavirus Numbers Are Down


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Coronavirus deaths are still affecting central Mississippi, even though those numbers are going down. One person was reported dead in Neshoba County and one in Newton County over the past day, out of the 61 deaths reported in the state.

The Miss. Dept. of Health reported 947 cases of COVID. For the past five days the number has been under one thousand each day.

A doctor with the Miss. Medical Association said Mississippi still has not reached herd immunity.

“If you add up natural immunity from previous COVID infections and vaccinations, we’re still below the level that we need to keep the circulation in the population at a low enough level that we don’t have to worry about some things,” said Dr. Mark Horne, talking to WAPT-TV.

He said that no one should mistake the lower numbers for all safe and clear.

“We’ve become accustomed to things that we should never get used to,” he said. “We’ve become accustomed to running at over 100 percent ICU capacity. We’ve become accustomed to having large portions of our hospitals taken up with a sing respiratory illness called COVID-19.”