DMV Officially Reopens Today!


The DMV reopens today. Services are being streamlined in order to make it possible to complete many DMV services online. Renewal and duplication of licenses can be done online. And it will be in good standing for 8 years. Below are some of the new changes being implemented. Additional information at

1) We’re extending the expiration date for concealed carry permits—automatically—through the rest of the year.
2) Road tests for teenagers looking to get their license will be waived. If you’ve been responsibly using your learner’s permit you will be able to get your license. Your parent will just need to sign an affidavit that they’ve observed 50 hours of safe driving.
3) We’re also going to organize the crowds by having specific days for different last names:
Monday: last names starting with A-E.
Tuesday: F-L.
Wednesday: anybody can come. “Walk-In Wednesday”
Thursday: M-S
Friday: T-Z