From The Desk of Governor Tate Reeves


From The Desk of Governor Tate Reeves

On Easter Sunday, we saw savage storms across the state. We are still in the response phase. We are just beginning the work of damage assessment. Numbers will go up. That said, here’s what we know so far:

At least 11 Mississippians lost their lives from these horrific tornadoes. Injury numbers will soon go up dramatically.

There were 12 or more tornadoes last night in our state—affecting almost every region. Two followed the same long, destructive, deadly path through south Mississippi.

‪Tens of thousands of Mississippians lost power. We already know that hundreds of homes were destroyed or badly damaged. Meanwhile, we are facing an unemployment crisis—8,000% increase—that leaves many of these people especially vulnerable. Tens of thousands just lost their jobs. ‬

The Red Cross is sheltering families with nowhere to go. Many are in hotels. We’re pushing out tarps and water.

Our chainsaw crews and other responders are ready to roll anywhere additional resources are needed. We’re flexing to support local efforts. Local first responders have done an incredible job executing. It is inspiring to see.

This storm was as bad or worse than anything we’ve seen in a decade. We are used to tornadoes in Mississippi. No one is used to this. Winds topped 200 MPH. The trail was long and devastating.

These are difficult days for Mississippi. We will get through. Mississippians are strong. We will emerge stronger. Stay safe and God bless. (FB)pub