Gas Prices Go Up Slightly; Miss. Senators Not Good With Biden Solution


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Gas prices in central Mississippi, have gone up a few cents since Monday. Mississippi’s senators have asked the president to reconsider his solution to rising gas prices.

Gas in Carthage was right around the state average of $2.77 per gallon, according to It was just a couple of cents more in Kosciusko, where most stations reported in at $2.79 Wednesday afternoon. The most expensive gas in the area was near I-55. Gas in Pickens at I-55 was $2.88. In Durant, it was $2.96 per gallon.

The state average is still 30 cents below the national average of $3.17.

Both senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, both Republicans, say Pres. Joe Biden should reverse his decision to ask OPEC to produce more oil, saying American resources should be used instead.

“Since your first day in office, your Administration has pursued policies that have restricted and threatened American oil and gas development, which has had devastating consequences for American workers and consumers. It is astonishing that your Administration is now seeking assistance from an international oil cartel when America has sufficient domestic supply and reserves to increase output, which would reduce gasoline prices,” said a letter the Senators wrote to the president, which was signed by 24 senators.

“We agree with your intent to reduce the cost of gas for hardworking Americans, but your domestic policy agenda has proven to have the opposite effect and continues to threaten American jobs and family budgets. We urge your Administration to revise its regulatory agenda and legislative priorities as it relates to domestic oil and gas development.”