Gas Prices May Go Up Slightly Because of Ida


STATE WIDE–Gas prices may go up because of Hurricane Ida. But, the rise in price was not expected to be significant.

“I do believe we will see a price hike at some point this week,” said’s Patrick DeHaan. “We are talking about an impact. But, it’s very manageable. We are talking cents per gallon, not nickels dimes or quarters.”

DeHaan said that gas shortages that had happened in some places were not because of the refineries that had had to shut down, but were because people had rushed the pumps, perhaps remembering long lines and outages after Katrina.

Gov. Reeves said with winds dying down that gas trucks would now be able to service the service stations and get gas to stations that had been out.

Mississippi’s state average was $2.74 per gallon Tuesday morning, compared with $3.13 for the national average.

Gas in central Mississippi was close to the state average, ranging from $2.69 to $2.79 per gallon in Philadelphia, slightly more expensive in Kosciusko and gas by the interstate in Holmes County was actually cheaper than this time last week, with stations selling it in the low $2.80s.