Guest: You’re Paying More and the Blame Is Partly on the Federal Government


WASHINGTON–You may have noticed that you’re paying more for most things, compared to this time last year. Congressman Michael Guest (R-Miss.) said that’s because of inflation and the blame for that, at least partly, goes to the federal government and Congress.

“One of the things we can do is to stop spending at the rate we’ve been spending,” said Guest, in an interview with Kicks96.

Guest represents Neshoba County and parts of east and central Mississippi, in DC.

“I think that the last stimulus bill that was passed, strict Democratic votes, $1.9 trillion, has definitely contributed to the price increases that we’re seeing.”

Congress is also getting ready to spend over $5 trillion more on two infrastructure bills, both of which Guest has expressed serious concerns. He said that the more we spend as a country, without the money in the bank, the harder that drives inflation and the more you will be paying for everyday items like toilet paper and gasoline.

“I think that it has a greater impact on a rural state like Mississippi than it does states that are more urban in nature,” he said. “It is a tax on all Americans and I believe that it is being driven, the major driving factor is the spending in Washington, D.C.”