Have You Seen This Kubota ZD1211-3-60? Philadelphia Police Department Is Asking for Your Help


Have You Seen This Kubota ZD1211-3-60? The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for your help.

The Philadelphia Police Department released an announcement that they had been notified of two stolen lawnmowers from Windham Tractor on Monday. “A white Ford ranger was seen loading these mowers into the bed of the truck. Thanks to the public’s help, Terry Hardin of Louisville, MS was identified and taken into custody on May 25, 2021 with the assistance of the Louisville Police Department. He is currently being held at the Winston-Choctaw Correctional Facility. A search warrant was conducted on Miller Ave in Louisville where the Kubota Z231KW-42 was located and retuned back to Windham Tractor. There is still a Kubota ZD1211-3-60 still missing.” If anyone has any information on this case or the whereabouts of this mower please contact the Philadelphia Police Department or crime stoppers at 1-855-485-TIPS