Hickman and Duong Headed for a Runoff for State Senate


LOUISVILLE, Miss.–Rod Hickman, an attorney from Noxubee County and Dr. Minh Duong, an eye doctor from Meridian, will be in a runoff for the state senate seat for District 32 for parts of Winston county and areas east of Philadelphia.

They were the top two candidates in yesterday’s special election. That’s Nov. 23.

“It wasn’t until the results from Noxubee County and our neighbors Kemper County came in that we were able to take the lead and it is because we are a tight-knit community. The people there know me they trust me. They understand that I’m an elected official and the things that I ran on when I became an elected official,” Hickman told our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11.

Duong, whose family escaped Vietnam when he was a toddler, said he believes the state should be focused on providing better health care.

“We need to be more aggressive in reaching every single person and talking with them one by one. I tried to do the best I could when I went door to door, and I learned so many things from so many people. However, we didn’t just didn’t have enough time. Three weeks gives me that much more time. So everybody watch out because I’m going to knock on your door,” said Duong.