Hospitals Still Jammed; The Slow Decline of Coronavirus


STATE WIDE–You can expect to see the coronavirus numbers come down some. But, it will likely be slow, says the state Dept. of Health. And the hospitals are still in a jam.

“With patients still waiting on ICU beds, our ICU capacity is still effectively zero in the state,” said Jim Craig, with the Dept. of Health. Thirteen beds were available across the state Wednesday, with 93 people waiting. Twenty-six of those were COVID patients.

The state reported over 2,900 cases Wednesday, with 81 more deaths, including two in Neshoba County, one person in Attala and one person in Winston County.

“We’re approaching 1,000 deaths in the month of August,” said state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, who said that most of those deaths were preventable with the vaccine.

Mississippi reported the third-highest month for coronavirus deaths so far in August, with more than 85,000 positive tests.

Dobbs said he believes the best way to come out of the pandemic is still to get the vaccine.

“Sadly Mississippi is now number two for mortality per capita in the country. This is real stuff that’s going on. Not only have we had way too many deaths, but we can prevent many more in the future,” he said.