How They Plan to Put You to Work: Gov’s Announcement on Jobs


JACKSON, Miss.–The governor is frustrated about the lack of workers in Mississippi. He hopes a plan that’s been in the works will help people to find jobs and help bosses find workers.

“I had to go hire over a thousand medical professionals to meet the demands of our hospitals over the past couple of months,” said Gov. Tate Reeves at a Wednesday news conference. “It’s not something I anticipated having to do and frankly not something I think I should have had to do.”

Putting people to work in Mississippi is sometimes tough because they might not have the right skills to match the jobs that are open.  Reeves says the state is about to start making sure people get that training..

Reeves said creating the new state office of Workforce Development will help make Mississippi the best place to live. The office is in its sixth month of existence. But, the governor promises the training will kick in, using the state’s community college system and that dividing the state up into eight regions will help provide focus on what those regions need.