Hybrid Learning to Be Re-Evaluated


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Both Leake County and Kosciusko Schools have kids in hybrid learning, alternating days in the classroom and virtual instruction. That situation could change at the end of October and it could be a sign that the pandemic is slowing in the state.

“As we were working to get kids back to in-person learning this fall, Delta slowed that down a little bit. So, the board voted to allow the hybrid option again,” said Pete Smith, chief of communications with the Miss. Dept. of Education.

LISTEN Pete Smith Discusses hybrid learning

Smith was referring to the previous school year’s option for hybrid learning, at a meeting of the state Senate Education Committee Wednesday.

Smith said this year’s option is finite.

“In receiving information from the Dept. of Health, they’re saying roughly by the end of October, we should hopefully see cases decreasing and at that time the board will take another look at this hybrid learning model to determine basically f it would be repealed or extended again.”

Smith said it was unclear how many districts in the state took the department up on going to hybrid schedules. But, the feedback has been positive.

“We did have a lot of feedback from superintendents saying this was needed and welcomed.”