“I Could Actually Smell It,” says Child Shot at Newton Elementary


NEWTON, Miss.–The child shot last week at Newton Elementary School is at home after emergency surgery. Tylin Parker, 6, was shot by another child at the school, he says. Police said last week they believe it was an accident.

“I could smell, smell how the gunshot. I could actually smell it,” he told our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11.

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He was shot while waiting for his father to pick him up.

“It was silver, and the trigger was black and all down where you reload, that was all black too. It had bullets in it, so I went to go tell the teacher and he shot me. I was laying on the floor cops were on their way ambulance was on their way, and they had to take me on a helicopter to get to the hospital,” said Parker.

The surgery over the weekend was to put a rod in his shattered femur. He has another surgery scheduled.

Parker’s mother, Antoinette Evans, said she is keeping her kids home from school as of now, because she doesn’t feel like it’s safe.

“Because I feel that the school system failed my child,” she said.

Evans admits she was highly emotional, as any mom would be, when it happened. But, she said she wants to see metal detectors, even at the elementary school.

Police have been mum about the investigation since last week.