Kemper Co. Sheriff releases new details in deadly shooting- VIDEO


Sheriff James Moore said George Adams Jr. was allegedly shot and killed by his younger brother Robert Adams.

The shooting happened late Sunday on private property near Old Highway 45. Sheriff Moore said a fight over control of the gun then broke out between Robert Adams and his father, George Adams Sr., which the sheriff said resulted in Adams Sr. then shooting his son, Robert Adams.

At this point, investigators aren’t sure what initially led to the shooting. Witnesses on the scene told law enforcement they had just finished a dove hunt when shots were fired.

“Allegedly what was said was after the hunt, they said the policy was always, before we get on the ATVs, we unload our guns. Everyone did this for the most part except for this particular son for some reason either didn’t do it or he loaded it prior to. Witness on scene say they heard a gunshot and saw one son fall. One witness ran one way and the other witness saw the father and son in a little bit of struggle for that gun. He jetted and went the other way and about five seconds later, he heard another shot and that’s when the father shot that son,” said Sheriff Moore.

Sheriff Moore said this is a difficult case for all involved.

“It’s a very unfortunate something that’s going to impact that family for the rest over their days. You have one son dead. One son will be charged with that death and the father will be presented to the grand jury for the shooting he did,” said Sheriff Moore.

Robert Adams is expected to make a full recovery. Charges have not been formally filed.