Lake Charles Damage Hits Home in Carthage


While Leake County remains unscathed by hurricane Laura, the damaging effects of the Lake Charles region have hit home in our community. Many Carthaginians, including Robin Burgess, have ties to the area. We reached Robin for an update. “My family and friends in Lake Charles and Moss Bluff are accounted for and safe. The church I grew up in where my brother is pastor, as well as many homes there, were damaged by hurricane Laura. Thank you for all who have called, sent texts or messages checking on my family. Thank you to those who have offered help. Most of all thank you for the prayers.”

While our community continues to pray, we can also help. A trailer filled with supplies will depart Monday from Carthage to Lake Charles. Any donations and supplies are greatly appreciated. To get involved contact Robin Burgess at 601-562-1324



photo- First Apostolic Church of Moss Bluff, LA