Leake Academy Royalty Susan Byrd Price Comes Back Home (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – Before there was a “REBELUTION”, Byrd was the word in Madden as the all-time leading scorer in Lady Rebel Basketball history Susan Byrd was laying the foundation. The former Lady Rebel and Ole Miss Rebel took time out of her schedule from teaching and coaching to talk about the success of Leake Academy basketball then and now.

Susan Byrd Price now teaches in Birmingham and loves coming home when she can. I found her to be a fun and engaging interview and her time at Leake seems to be something that is as near and dear to her as her students and athletes are today. She made time to come on the show this morning and although she didn’t say it, and doesn’t have to, that scoring title is something I feel is a source of tremendous pride to her and what she endured to obtain it.

Susan’s height may have caught the eye of then Head Coach Doyle Wolverton, but her grit and passion for the game is what put her on top of the scoring title, and it wasn’t always easy. Susan would be double, and triple teamed, have articles of clothing pulled on and coming out of a game bloodied from claw and scratch marks was the way to her throne. While the Prince family name is basketball royalty in the area, there is only one queen whose throne sits atop of the scoring title and “Byrd” is still the word.

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Forever Leake Academy and Ole Miss Rebel Susan Byrd (Price) joins B-MO in the MO’rning