List: Qualified candidates for 2023 State elected offices


A list of candidates that have qualified to run for State of Mississippi offices in the 2023 election…


  • Brandon Presley, D
  • Tate Reeves (i), R
  • Gregory Wash, D
  • John Witcher, R
  • David Grady Hardigree, R
  • Bob Hickingbottom, D
  • Gwendolyn Gray, I

Lieutenant Governor

  • Delbert Hosemann (i), R
  • Shane Quick, R
  • Tiffany Longino
  • Chris McDaniel, R
  • Ryan Grover, D

Secretary of State

  • Michael Watson (i), R
  • Shuwaski Young, D

Attorney General

  • Lynn Fitch (i), R
  • Greta Martin, D

State Auditor

  • Shad White (i), R
  • Larry Bradford, D

State Treasurer

  • David McRae (i), R
  • Addie Green, D

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

  • Robert Bradford, D
  • Andy Gipson (i), R
  • Robert Briggs, D
  • Bethany Hill, D

Insurance Commissioner

  • Mike Chaney (i), R
  • Mitch Young, R
  • Bruce Burton, D

Central District Public Service Commissioner

  • Brent Bailey (i), R
  • Dekeither Stamps, D

Central District Transportation Commissioner

  • Willie Simmons, D

Senate District 18

  • Jennifer Branning (i), R

Senate District 21

  • Barbara Blackmon (i), D

Senate District 31

  • Tyler McCaughn (i), D

Senate District 32

  • Rod Hickman (i), D

House District 27

  • Kenneth Walker (i), D
  • James Woods, D
  • Tonya Wilder, R

House District 44

  • C. Scott Bounds (i), R
  • Justin James, R

House District 45

  • Kenny Rush, D
  • Keith Jackson, D
  • Lindsey Kidd, D
  • Rickles Trent, I

House District 75

  • Celeste Hurst, R
  • Ryshonda Harper Beechem, I

House District 78

  • Randy Rushing (i), R

District Attorney – District 8

  • Steven Kilgore (i), R

The complete list of qualified candidates for all state offices can be found HERE.