Marcus Dupree’s Plans Do Not Include Paying Back the State


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Marcus Dupree says he earned the money and will not pay it back. The Philadelphia native has been accused of taking money from the same place as Brett Favre. But, Dupree’s attorney, Matt Eichelberger, told WLBT his client earned his money.

“He provided a horse ranch where the folks with Families First could come and participate in programs, could conduct programs. He made all this available and did everything they asked him to do. It’s not his job to determine how that money is spent,” said Eichelberger.

State Auditor Shad White said Dupree is welcome to make his case in court.

He said Dupree owes almost $800,000 to the state.

Like Favre, Dupree is accused of taking money from the former executive director of the Miss. Dept. of Human Services for no-show work. Favre, for instance, is accused of taking money and never giving the speeches he was paid for.