Medical Freedom Rally Features Gipson, He Says Biden Can Stick the Mandate


JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi’s agriculture commissioner made no bones about the he wau he feels about Pres. Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“Joe Biden can take that executive order and put it where the sun don’t shine,” he said at Saturday’s medical freedom rally near the state capitol in Jackson.

He was just one of the speakers. Gipson was the highest-rankling elected leader there.

“You’ve got to show your papers if you’re gonna eat. You’ve gotta show your papers if you go into a restaurant. You’ve gotta show your papers if you’re gonna buy groceries at the grocery store. And now you’re gonna have to show your papers if you’re gonna make a living for your children and your families,” he said. “We’ve gotta stop this.”

Mississippi has no requirements that make you show your vaccine card for any of those activities, nor are there any state-wide mandates.

Gipson told reporters he is not against the vaccine.

“If people want to get the vaccine I want them to have it. But, if they can’t get it or if their conscience prevents them from taking it for religious reasons, they shouldn’t have to be forced,” he said.

There were plenty of signs proclaiming that people should be able to take whatever they want, including Ivermectin, which state health officer Thomas Dobbs and others have said is not effective. There were signs on the port-o-potties saying, “Dump Dobbs”.

Another coronavirus death was reported in Central Mississippi, in Neshoba County. Thurty-three deaths were reported Friday. The state Dept. of Health reports all the weekend cases and deaths in one lump sum on Mondays.