Mississippi Hospital Association introduces new healthcare proposal


Around 300,000 Mississippi adults do not have health insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid. That’s where ‘Mississippi Cares’ aims to make a change.

It’s not Obama Care and it’s not an expansion of Medicaid. It’s a new health care proposal that just might benefit you. The Mississippi Hospital Association introduced the proposal in front of Meridian business leaders Wednesday.

“What we’re trying to do with ‘Mississippi Cares’ is create a proposal of a public/private partnership that provides health care coverage to as many Mississippians as we can, that actually provides payment for those providers that provide those services and we’re going to do that at no cost to the taxpayers of Mississippi,” said president and CEO of the Mississippi Hospital Association, Tim Moore.

Instead, Moore said ‘Mississippi Cares’ would be funded by a combination of hospitals, plan participants and hospital investments and premiums from plan members.

The plan would provide healthcare coverage to adults earning up to 138% of the federal poverty level.

“It would be individuals that are 19 to 64. They are non-disabled individuals. Two-thirds of this population is working. So these are individuals that are working, that are supporting their families. They are trying to get ahead. They do not have enough expendable income to afford healthcare insurance,” said Moore.

Moore said putting this proposal into action will take a lot of effort, but he is confident Mississippi could and should do it.

“You know the question I get in every meeting I go to is why haven’t we already done this? Mississippi, since I was a little boy has been a state that wants to help people that will help themselves. My gosh, we’ve got a population here where two-thirds of them are working. Why would we not do something to help them if they’re willing to help themselves,” said Moore,

According to the ‘Mississippi Cares’ website, it also has economic benefits. It says the plan would drive more than $1 billion each year into Mississippi’s economy, create 19,000 jobs, improve personal income by over $600 million, and increase general fund revenue by $50-100 million.