MSDH Reports New Covid Cases in Attala, Leake, Neshoba


The Mississippi Department of Health is reporting 204 new COVID-19 cases statewide. Attala is reporting 49 overall including 1 LTC case. Leake is reporting 99 cases overall with 1 death, Neshoba is reporting 82 cases overall with 2 deaths. Winston is reporting 34 cases, two less than yesterday. 79 long term care facility cases are reported. 14 additional deaths are confirmed with 183 deaths overall. 117 of those deaths are reported to be African American, 65 Caucasian, and 1 other. 4,716 cases are reported overall across the state, 2,419 of which are African American, 1,540 are Caucasian, 385 are other, and 372 are reported under investigation.