Neshoba County Schools Proud of Renovations


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–If you the parent of a student at Neshoba County Schools, you might hear your kid talking about work going on at the school. The district is beginning phase two of a three-phase renovation.

In this phase the plan is to improve the heat and air conditioning, replace some exterior windows and doors and upgrade restrooms at all schools in the district.

”People respond well to places that look really good,” said superintendent Lundy Brantley, talking to our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11. “They have a lot of pride in them. Everything we do, we try to go first class. We research it and see what other schools are doing. We make decisions from that based on what we need for our students.”

He said the district is following the same plan they’ve been following for five years to make improvements.

The difference is that the money for these renovations is coming from federal relief money that’s meant to address the impacts of COVID-19 on schools.