Paying Our National Bills, But on Borrowed Money: How Your Congressmen voted


WASHINGTON–We will be able to pay our national bills, but on borrowed money. The U.S. House voted to raise the debt ceiling temporarily, avoiding a national default, by a vote of 219-206 Tuesday evening. None of Mississippi’s Republican representatives voted yes.

“I think clearly the debt ceiling and any vote on the debt ceiling is gonna have to rise and fall with the Democratic Party, who is in control of the House and Senate and the White House,” said congressman Michael Guest, in a September interview.

Guest said since Democrats have controlled the spending bills without Republican consent this year, they must also bear the burden of raising the debt limit.

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He voted no on the bill.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, the state’s only Democratic representative, voted yes.

He said in late September that he is okay with raising the debt ceiling because all but three percent of the national debt was accrued before Pres. Biden became president.

The bill must now be signed by Biden to become law.