Peace, Love, Ham Jam and “The Gate Keeper of Country Music: An Interview with Marty Stuart! (Audio)


(Brian Montgomery) To think, 3 years ago I was making a decision that would change not only my life, but my sons as well. I’d been offered the position with Boswell Media and made a list to why I wanted to make the move from Las Vegas to Kosciusko. At the top pf that list was opportunity, the second meant returning to land where my great grandfather lived and had been the editor of “The Macon Beacon” and the former postmaster as well. Also on that list was the chance to be in the “Motherland of Music”, the birthplace of Jimmie Rogers, Elvis Presley and Philadelphia’s own Marty Stuart among many others.

Not just the birthplace of legends like the ones I just mentioned, but it would also house a project at the time called “The Congress of Country Music” that at the time was in its beginning stages and three years later had become reality.

I was there with the station as The Congress kicked off its second season with the iconic Dolly Parton and have seen legendary artist come through its doors, but had never had the chance to sit down with Marty. That was until last week when he took the time to answer some questions about the project, share a few laughs and even discuss a mutual passion of ours….photography.

Tune in this week at 7:30 as Marty and discuss all of it as we lead up to his two big performances at The Ellis Theater with The Superlatives on Friday night at 8pm, and a second performance with “The Byrds” Roger McQuinn on Saturday. For tickets and more information, visit The Ellis Theater and Congress of Country Music website here.

Part One