Philadelphia Mayor James Young has been re-elected. He  received 819 votes and 62% against Republican Leo E Renaldo who has 504 votes and 38%.  Mayor Young said “he was so thankful for the support in the community and another four years of hard work in front of them. While he admits there have been trying times “we are seeing a revival, and uptick in small services. Our hometown people really pulled together during this pandemic and we have really seen what it means to shop local and support people that are local. We hope to continue that in the next four years and make Philadelphia even more appealing with some projects we have coming up.” He said “I am just thankful and I mean it from my heart. I would never embarrass this community.  I will continue to work hard and lead with integrity in every way.  A lot of people have paid a lot and did a lot prior to me having this opportunity. I am standing on some broad shoulders who gave all. I just want to leave a continual legacy of truth and service in this community. I just want say thank you to the people of this community. My family and my wife for supporting me and my niece who was my campaign manager. She is just special altogether. And I just want to thank everyone who marked that ballot and put that confidence in me once again.”



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