Possession of a Stolen Weapon and Multiple DUI Arrests in Attala & Leake


DAVID A ALFORD, 32, of Carthage, Felony Hold, Warrant, LCSO.  Bond N/A, $0.


WILLIAM R CHUNN, 26, of Sallis, Domestic Violence – Simple Assault, Hold for KPD, Hold for MDOC, Warrant, ACSO.  Bond $0, N/A, N/A, $0.


JOHNNIE CRAWFORD, 54, of Carthage, DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, No License, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $328, $418.


CEDRICK FICKLIN, 46, of Carthage, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbing the Peace, LCSO.  Bond $1,000.


CHRISTOPHER P GIPSON, 34, of Walnut Grove, Warrant, LCSO.  Bond $1,000.


JANICE N HART, 41, of Carthage, DUI, No License, No Insurance, Bench Warrant, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $478, $418, N/A.


JAMETRIUS F JOHNSON, 29, of Carthage, Bench Warrant X 4, CPD.  Bond $0 X 4.


PAULA S LAYTON, 53, Felony Hold, KPD.  Bond N/A.


MARIA C LOPEZ, 18, of Laurel, DUI – 1st, Possession of Paraphernalia, Careless Driving, No License, LCSO.  Bond $1,000, $1,000, $500, $500.


BRADLEY K QUICK, 29, of Carthage, Warrant, LCSO.  Bond N/A.


JAHADA L RUSH, 26, of Walnut Grove, DUI – Other Substance, Possession of Marijuana, No License, Bench Warrant, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $674.25, $$418.25, $0.


TERRANCE T SIMMONS, 43, of Walnut Grove, DUI, Careless Driving, No Insurance, LCSO.  Bond $1,000, $500, $500.


BILLY J STEWART, 64, of Lena, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbing the Peace, LCSO.  Bond $1,000.


JAMES S THOMPSON, 42, of Jackson, DUI – Other Substance, Possession of Stolen Firearm, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Possession of Marijuana, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $10,000, $10,000, $674.25.