Wicker Blasts Putin For Ukraine Invasion


Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker is calling Russian leader Vladimir Putin a “modern-day Adolph Hitler” for sending troops into Ukraine.   Wicker, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke Thursday to a European security assembly, sounding a warning to America’s NATO allies.  Wicker said if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, “He will not stop there”.  He said every peace-loving country is in danger of being swept up into the conflict.   And Wicker is concerned about NATO’s ability to respond.  He said he’ll be urging President Biden and Congress to immediately pass a supplemental national security spending bill.

Meanwhile, Wicker and fellow Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith are supporting legislation to boost natural gas production in the U-S to help fortify NATO in the wake of the Russian invasion.  Wicker and Hyde-Smith say our allies should be getting their energy supplies from the U-S, not Russia.  And they say increasing American exports of liquified natural gas would help protect NATO against the Russian threat.   The senators say the Mississippi Gulf Coast is a growing export point for LNG.