The Case Against Marcus Dupree Sent to State Attorney General


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–The cases against Philadelphia native Marcus Dupree, Brett Favre, Ted Dibiase, Jr., and 11 other people have been sent to the state attorney general, who must now decide if she wants to go after them for the money State Auditor Shad White says they owe Mississippi.

Dupree and the others were ordered to pay back money they got for, in some cases, no show job from the Dept. of Human Services.

Dupree says he earned his money, providing a horse ranch and other services for the money White has said was supposed to go to Mississippi’s poor. Former Dept. of Human Services executive director John Davis and others have been accused of misspending millions of dollars.

“He provided a horse ranch where the folks with Families First could come and participate in programs, could conduct programs. He made all this available and did everything they asked him to do. It’s not his job to determine how that money is spent,” said Matt Eichelberger, Dupree’s attorney.

White claims Dupree and the Marcus Dupree Foundation, owe over $800,000.

“A little over 30 days ago, my office issued demands on several individuals ordering them to repay misspent welfare money. As I said at the time, if any of those individuals failed to repay the money, the demands will be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office, which is in charge of enforcing the demands in court. My team has now forwarded the unpaid demands to the AG’s office<‘ said White, in a statement released to reporters.

“My understanding is the Attorney General and the Department of Human Services have given authority to a private attorney to recoup the misspent money. We have been in contact with that attorney and will provide any information he needs.”