The Continued Effect of Coronavirus


CARTHAGE, Miss.–COVID-19 is still not going away and 990 new cases were reported over the weekend by the Mississippi State Dept. of Health, with two new deaths. None of those were in our area.

It is having an effect on what you are paying for gas.

“The drop in the price of oil really has a lot to do with what we expect,” said Patrick DeHaan with, explaining why the national average has dropped a few cents.

He said the average in Mississippi is now $3.01 per gallon, but that could drop further because demand may be declining.

“There’s a new variant going about (omicron) that could erode demand. In fact we’re already seeing some countries shut down travel and issue travel restrictions,” he said.

Even if that doesn’t happen here, the effects will likely be felt in what you pay for gas.

It’s now below $3 per gallons at several places in central Mississippi. It was $2.94 at one station in Carthage; $2.99 at two stations in Philly, even though most places there are selling gas at $3.09. One station reporting in from Kosciusko, had it for $3.09. It was the same price on the interstate in Pickens.